Women's – Belinda 'Blouse' Bowey (0417 560 757)

Belinda "Blouse" Bowey is the Coach of the Women's Team.  Blouse brings a tonne of football experience to our newest team and hopes to lead them to glory over the 10 game season next year.

Belinda fell in love with the sport at a young age, playing kick-to-kick in the backyard with her twin-brother Matthew and older sibling Brett – who played 85 games for St Kilda in the VFL/AFL between 1988 to ’94.   

It’s there that the love affair began – a love cut short after her final season in the under 14s. Applying the rules of the day, Bowey was told she was no longer allowed to play with the boys in the under 16s – and there was nowhere else for girls to play footy.


A phone call in late 1991 to then 17-year-old would propel her to the lofty heights of the 350-game club player.

AFL Women's Masters 

As a founding member of the Men’s league, we are proud and to have also been a founding member of the Women's league. Our women and men train together and wear the jumper with pride.


Any new players interested in coming down to see what it's all about, just drop down to training or give Blouse a call for more information. 

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